Garage Band for Windows 10

If you have used GarageBand before then you know that it is a simple and intuitive tool. One of the many reasons that home recording has taken a generation to catch on, was that the available software was incredibly complex, expensive and often unreliable. GarageBand changed that, the trouble is Macs are expensive and become outdated by design frequently so what do you do when you need GarageBand but neither have the bank roll or desire to buy another Mac? Well luckily for all of us there are a few solutions out there which totally work on windows, some even better than GarageBand itself. In our tests, we came upon one standout solution that surpasses GarageBand and doesn't break the bank either. Acoustica Mixcraft was designed from the ground up to be intuitively easy to use. And borrows many of the UI features that make GarageBand so popular. Where GarageBand's functionality narrows to encourage sales of Logic Pro is where Mixcraft really shines. Not only does it function as a musical notepad, as your abilities and requirements grow it already has pro tools to help you produce professional results.