Mixcraft 6 Multi Track Recording Studio
Manufacturer Acoustica
Product Mixcraft
Description Simple yet powerful DAW
Requirements 1 GHz CPU, 2GB Ram
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Summary Looks and feels like GarageBand, amazing value for money
Price $74.95


While researching GarageBand for Windows alternatives one comment about Mixcraft we heard a lot was ‘too good to be true’. People just expect to pay a lot of money for a home recording set up. Mixcraft breaks this convention by being powerful, easy to use and inexpensive. While providing enough professional options to make it far more than entry level recording software. People want to use Garageband because it makes recording easy and facilitates the creative process rather than hindering it. The good people at Acoustica have taken this to heart and Mixcraft makes recording almost effortless. Acoustica’s motto is ‘software should be easy to use’ and their flagship product embodies this philosophy flawlessly. Mixcraft is by far the easiest to use out of all the products we reviewed.

Mixcraft Features

Mixcraft Plugins

  • Professional features including ReWire hosting, pitch shifting and time stretching.
  • Record an unlimited number of audio tracks.
  • Edit video files, adding music, video effects, sound effects and commentaries.
  • 11 virtual instruments including sampled acoustic instruments, synthesizers and drums.
  • 22 professional effects including delay, chorus, reverb, guitar amp emulators.
  • 6000 professional loops and sound effects in various styles including, reggae rock, rap, hip hop and country.

Garageband Similarities

Mixcraft has everything you need in a professional recording software solution. The interface itself is nearly identical to Garageband, without some of the more annoying parts! One of our pet hates with GarageBand is how long it takes to get started and recording, Mixcraft opens really quickly and the choices of projects are more intuitive. Mixcraft automation also beats GarageBand as it has Volume level automation built in to each track (and a tuner for those of you with old guitars!). One great productivity enhancement in right click menus. In Garageband you often end up diving down into menus to find the options you are looking for, in Mixcraft right click these options are just there where you need them, this makes it a GarageBand beater. Of course Mixcraft doesn’t have built in Lessons but you can use any of the Millions of free and paid for VST effect plugins that you can’t use in GarageBand.


Mixcraft is one of those programs that just works. We were impressed by it’s intuitive design and features you would expect from far more expensive software. Out of everything reviewed, Mixcraft is the best bang for your buck and is the closest to GarageBand. In fact, it’s so good you might want to keep it a secret!


Mixcraft is available in 2 versions. We reviewed the regular version here but have since tried Pro Studio. We would recommend the Pro Studio version for more advanced users who will likely be managing the whole recording process themselves, as it includes some great mastering tools. Although a bit more expensive, the additional tools are more than worth the money. Considering the very reasonable price tag you will definitely benefit from the extras as your skill level progresses. Mixcraft is available as both a digital download and a boxed (DVD) version:

Product Version Price
Mixcraft 6 Download $74.95
Mixcraft Boxed $84.95
Mixcraft Pro Studio Download $149.95
Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Boxed $149.95