How to install Garage band for Windows 10

Only try this if you are an advanced user. Please do make a backup of your system before you start.

Disclaimer: There are inherent dangers in the use of any software/virtual machine/method, and you are solely responsible for determining whether this software/method is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and I will not be liable for any damages you may suffer in connection with attempting, using, or distributing this method.

You will need :
  1. A legal copy of VM Ware
  2. A legal copy of OSX
  3. A legal copy of Garage band
Please note that virtual machines run on your local machine hosted by your operating system and sharing resources, so you would be running 2 operating systems at the same time, plus any software that is running on your and the virtual machine. With that in mind, you will need a fairly powerful computer to make this usable.

The process is simple:
  1. Install VM Ware
  2. Create a virtual machine and install OSX on it
  3. Install Garage band on the virtual machine
After that, if you are lucky, your audio interface might play nicely with the virtual machine and you will need to address any latency issues with the near inevitable lag you experience using a hosted OS on a virtual machine.

I do not recommend this method!