Garage band for Windows PC

Why everyone loves Garageband for Windows users

When Garageband was released home-recording changed forever.  Gone was the need for expensive software, more expensive hardware or studio time charged by the hour. Basically, Garage band became the iPod of musical creativity, redefining how musicians work for professionals and hobbyists a like.

Some Apple software has been ported from OSX to windows, like iTunes and QuickTime, though typically only when there has been a targeted business case for doing it. In the case of iTunes, to persuade users to purchase Apple hardware (iPod, iPad, iPhone etc) without needing an Apple computer to use it.

Garageband for PC

Proprietary is very much the Apple business model and once you take a dip into the Apple ecosystem, it tries its level best to imprison you in it, with breaking updates to software requiring new hardware purchases, convoluted methods for transferring content to your i-device and built in obsolescence that would make a replicant wince.

Garage band is easy

While I’m obviously not a big fanboy for Apple, back in 2004 when Garage band was released, an uncle with similar musical tastes brought his newly purchased MacBook pro, with Garage band installed on it, to Christmas at my parents place and I found the user experience immediately compelling. Within minutes I was using samples, loops and musical keyboard to create music having never used a Mac before. I think that is the single biggest reason Garage band is so huge, it really does help you to create.

Garageband doesn’t get in your way

Some software just seems to want to give you a bad day, get in your way or just smirk and give you the finger, on more than one occasion a nice new laptop has very nearly ended up taking a free flying lesson when failing to cooperate (free as in without flying equipment like wings, an engine, control surfaces or any basic means to land safely) , sometimes disposing of my hard work while gleefully blaming me for bad input….. not so much with Garage band, while nothing is 100% fool proof, Garage band does a great job of not messing with your mojo when what you need is more cowbell.

Garageband for Windows

But what if you can’t or won’t buy a Mac, how do you get Garageband for Windows 10? Well, my understanding is that you basically cannot. Apple has never officially ported a version of Garageband for Windows PC nor has it indicated that it might do so in the future. The reality is, if you want Garageband they want you to invest in Apple hardware and while Garageband is free, once you add the cost of even the modest of MacBooks, it starts looking like a very expensive prospect.

So, what next?

Well, the easiest solution that may not have thought of, is that there is a version of Garage band for iOS, so if you have an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone you can use Garage band. Obviously, it is a mobile version of the App but most of the most useful features are there. Just add a standards compliant USB Audio interface using the Camera Kit and you have a completely mobile professional recording set up. I know artists that have recorded albums that way, of course mixing can be tricky on a small screen, but for tracking it’s a perfectly legitimate solution. In my next post I will talk about the next option.