How to use Logic Pro X on your mobile

How to record on your Mobile with Logic Pro X

Well the simplest answer is that you can't! There isn't a mobile app for Logic Pro X, but that's hardly surprising given the depth of functionality on tap in Logic Pro X, to try and distill that into something meaningful and usable on a mobile device just doesn't make sense.

There is however, a valid and free workaround for tracking on your mobile and then later simply exporting to Logic Pro.

Meet the Garage band iOS app, freely downloadable from the app store and like it's big brother, Garage band for OSX, projects can be seamlessly exported to Logic Pro.

The work flow is simple, once you've saved your project, attach your mobile device to your mac and open iTunes, click on the iPad/iPhone/iPod icon to access your device, then select APPs at the top, find GarageBand in the list, select it and all your Garage band projects will appear in right pane, drag the one you want to the Desktop, open logic and drag and drop the project into logic and there you have it! Job done.