Is there a version of Garage band for Windows 10?

So, is there a version of Garage band for Windows 10? Short answer no, long answer you have 2 options.

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at why there isn’t a version of Garage band for Windows 10.

When Garage band was first released back in 2004 it was ground breaking, firstly, because it came free with OSX but also and more importantly because it revolutionized home recording. Up to that point, you really required a significantly powerful and equally expensive computer to build any kind of DAW (digital audio workstation). Garage band was significantly less complex but still retained the core tools required to get the job done, so while being powerful it consumed far less resources and could be run on less powerful machines.

As you can imagine this was a significant selling point for Macs at that time and many diehard PC and Avid Pro Tools fans invested in Macs to access the easily useable and undoubtedly cool Garage band, and much like Macs were standard for graphic designers, so too were they to compete for the DAW throne. Soon after Apple

Developing any software for multiple platforms is costly and complex and ultimately it’s vey often just the name and basic look that are cross-platform, much like with gaming consoles. Call it good business or just a practical choice, Apple have never released or announced an intention to develop a version of Garage band for PC and it seems unlikely that would ever happen. That’s not to say never, as Microsoft embraces open source and goes cross platform with their development platforms, it’s not outside the realms of possibility that Apple might bend their somewhat proprietary tendencies in order to compete.

So what are your options?

1. Install Garage band on a virtual machine running OSX
2. Find an alternative to Garage band for Windows 10